DJIC Nordic

Additional Information

DJIC’s consultancy team carries extensive experience in managing privacy, security, risk and compliance programs for companies in many industries such as Casinos, forest, security, defence, retail, public sector and healthcare.

By offering a connected range of solutions, DJI Consultancy filling the gap in the acquired technologies that mostly skipped by organizations and it directly affects their compliance and privacy program. 

While many consultancies are helping companies to establish basic privacy activities, DJIC’s aspiration is to significantly improve the compliance of organizations and their privacy program by supplying niche tools and vast expertise to advice on the best practices. Enhancing the readiness of cyber-security, Appearance search, analytics, authentication and Securing Identity, Data Governance & Classifications, GDPR & Privacy Platform, Consent management, Vendor & 3rd Party Management & Data Mapping, differentiating between incidents and breaches. Beside that all we help organizations in workspace analytics that gives IT the data they need to better understand users' & employees’ needs and habits, and more importantly, make sourcing and deployment decisions based on real data as well as helping organizations to implement a GDPR-friendly infrastructure on the platform of #1 Supercomputer provider globally.

DJIC will initially be covering the Nordic with a team of subject matter experts and consultants to provide customers with the best practice compliance solutions.